How to Paint Flag Art in Face by using Photoshop

Paint Flag by using Photoshop

Hi buddy, Today I will show you how to paint Flag in face without going to Parlor. Only using Photoshop. For this action, don't need any special or paid plugins or filter.
Sometimes we need to paint anything in our face, Flag and Tattoo for upload social media. In particular, during the World Cup Football 2018, World Cup Cricket 2019. This tutorial is most helpful and recommend for them.

[Note: I have done this instructional exercise by utilizing Adobe Photoshop CC. It might be work on Adobe Photoshop cs 6, cs 7, CC 2014, CC 2015 and CC 2017.]

First of all, open Photoshop in your Computer. Then drug your desired image and import in Photoshop. After import the image, we need to duplicate it. Anyways, go to Layer Panel and click right button on this Layer. Then click "Duplicate Layer". We must rename this layer into "Black & White".

By selecting the layer "Black & White", we need to click group icon for create a group out of this layer. Look at the Screenshot below. In addition, you can click Ctrl+G from your Keyboard to create a new group.

In this step we need to apply "Black and White" effect on the image. So, go to Image > Adjustment > Black & White. Then we will find this type window (See the screenshot below).
Use the Reds 105% and Yellows, Greens, Cyans, Blues, Magentas respectively set 118%, 133%, 111%, -20%, 80%. And then click OK.

Now we will mask the Group. Select "Group 1" and then click Mask icon like as the Screenshot below.

Step 5
This part is very important of this Tutorial. Press Shift+Ctrl+I. For this action, image will return color from black and white. Don't worry. You will see White and Black color in Color panel in Left bar of Photoshop. Keep it in mind that, If you select White then it will be painted, or if you select Black, It will unpainted. Now select the brush tool from left bar of Photoshop.

Paint the brush in your face only. You will see this type preview of your image (See the screenshot below).

Collect your desired flag image from google. It is absolutely free. Now open the Flag image in a new window of Photoshop. Then press Ctrl+A to select hole area.

And drug the image, move and import in our main window, where we are working. Press Ctrl+T for transform the flag. Transform it and adjust it in your face.
Okay, we need to change the blending mood of the Flag image to adjust reality by matching the face. Otherwise, all work will be Wrongdoing. So, go to above of the layer panel. You will see blending mood is in normal mood. Turn it into Multiply. That's good. You will see the big change after doing this. Look the Screenshot.

This is the last and finishing step of today's tutorial. In this step we will done an extra work for looking the image more reality.
Select "Doge" tool and paint where I pointed by red line. It will devious the flag and looking very nice and realistic.

Thanks for following the Flag Art Tutorial patiently. I hope you have understand it very well. Cause it is a very simple trick. If cause any kind errors to understand, don't hesitate to comment below. Promise, we will back another day with another creative tutorial of Photoshop. Until then be well.


  1. Is There Any Specific Way we can Give Little Bit More Realistic Touch Up On The Nose Side Means Around The Nose??
    Waiting For Your Message.


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