How to design a Poster in Photoshop

Hi there, Today I demonstrate to you some Photoshop techniques, how simple with few basics steps you can make amazing Poster. By following this techniques you can make professional Poster. To make this poster we will utilize some spark, custom text styles and few stocks and obviously your insight. I'll share all image here. For sure in this tutorial will be utilized basic Photoshop technique, so don't be apprehensive and begin to take in these methods.

[Note: I have done this instructional exercise by utilizing Adobe Photoshop CC. It might be work on Adobe Photoshop cs 6, cs 7, CC 2014, CC 2015 and CC 2017.]

First of all, open Photoshop in your PC and go to File > New to create a new page. Then you will notice some text box. Set the name "Action Movie Poster", Width 7 inch, Height 10 inch, Resolution 300 Pixels/Centimeter, Color Mode RGB and last, click OK.

Here all stock images are shared. Download and extract them.
You will find a folder like the Screenshot below.

Now import a metal image that I shared above. It will be the main background under the leg of our today's poster. For transform this image, press Ctrl+T from your Keyboard. Click right button of your Mouse an click "Distort". If you did not understand yet, please have a look at the Screenshot below.

Click and hold left button of your Mouse all corner of your image and set the position, like the Screenshot below.

Now, Import your model's image in Photoshop and set it right position, like the Screenshot below.

Okay, in this step, we need to add a City image in background. I already shared this Sock. Go to follow  STEP 1 to get this. Now import this one in Photoshop. Press Ctrl+T for transform and adjust the background. Please keep it in mind that, you must need to stand the layer under all layers. Look the Screenshot below.

Now import the airport road image above the previous layer in same process. Then select Eraser Tool and erase above side of the image, like the Screenshot below.

Again import a Sky Stock image above the City layer. Once you click okay, before click right button from your mouse. Then click "Flip Vertical". And again select Eraser tool and erase underneath part of the image of Sky. After erase, you must adjust the sky color with the city image. Go to Filter > Camera Raw Filter to adjust the color and brightness.

In this step, we will add a realistic shade under the model 's image. So, just duplicate the man's image by clicking right button of the layer of the Man's image.

After that dabble click the duplicated layer and go to Layer Style option. Mark the "Stroke" option. and set the Size 250, Opacity 100 and Fill type - Color with Black. After all, click OK.

Now, go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. And set  the Radios 8.0. After the action, click OK.

In this step we want to add a realistic Sun Light effect. So, create a new layer under the Man's layer. And Select Orange or Yellow color and White color. Now select the Brush Tool. First paint a Yellow shape in the middle of the image. Second, click the "[" key from the Keyboard for short the brush and again paint white brush in the middle of Yellow shape. Then change the layers blending mood into screen. (Follow the Screenshot below)

In this step we need to add a Text Effect here. Just select the Text Tool and type "ACTION" or name of the poster.

Import an another metal image above the text that I shared in the folder. Click right button of this layer and click "Create Clipping Mask".

Also dabble click the layer or go to Layer Style option. Set the option look like the screenshot below.

Add a spark image under the man's layer like the Screenshot below. And set it in screen mood.


Press Ctrl+T to transform. Exactly follow step 3 for this action. Look at the Screenshot below.


This is the last step of our tutorial. Create a new layer above all the layers. Go to Image > Apply Image for marge all layers gather in one. Then go to Filter > Camera Raw Filter and adjust the color/ brighten and other by following the screenshot underneath.

Okay, we are done. And thanks for watching the hole tutorial patiently. Promise! We will back another day with an another fantastic Photoshop tutorial again. Until then, be Well.


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