Hair Masking, Change Background & Blending by Photoshop

Change Background & Blending

Hi Everyone, Hope you are well. Now I am going to show you a very useful and important tutorial. From this tutorial,you can learn how to separate hair from any kind background. You could also learn how to change background of a photo by using Adobe Photoshop.

[Note: I have done this tutorial by using Adobe Photoshop CC. It may be work on Adobe Photoshop cs 6, cs 7, CC 2014, CC 2015 and CC 2017.]

Here is the preview of this work. Let's try and do it. We'll done this step by step. If you face any kind harassment, please comment below. I'll try to solve.

First of all, open Photoshop on your Computer. Then open your desired image in Photoshop. I have shared all stock image only for you. Here is the download link of all stock image, that I used for this tutorial - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.

Zoom this image by pressing Ctrl+Space and select Pen Tool from left side bar of  Photoshop. Then select hole area of your image by using this tool like as the Screenshot below.

This is the most valuable part of this Photoshop tutorial. In this part, we will separate the hair from background. After selecting hole area by Pen Tool, we must follow the screenshot below. Please notice into  the red Rectangular Mask Tool under Move Tool. Select it.
After selecting Rectangular Mask Tool, you will find "Refine Edge". Look the Screenshot below.

After clicking Refine Edge, you will find this type window (Screenshot below). You will see a brush. Click and hold left button of your mouse and paint around the red line. It will separate your hair from background. Then click OK. 
After that, Click mask icon from Layer panel. It will delete background from your Image. And again select the Pen Tool. Also select background part under the right side hand. Press Ctrl+Enter and Backspace.

After completing the part of  Refine Edge, Now we will import a green background in a new window of Photoshop (I have already shared this background in the link above). Anyways, go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Set the radius 15%. Then import our main image on the green background. Now click Yes button.

In this section, we will import an another stoke image here. I have shared this stoke high resolution image in above link.


You can transform the image by pressing Ctrl+T. Put this Tree image layer under layer 1 in Layer Panel. See the Screenshot below.

Now create an another new Layer under "Layer 1". Select the Brush Tool and also select Black color from Color Picker. Paint your brush like a shade, behind the women so that, anyone can not understand that it's background has been changed.

Here I have shared an Optical Light here.

Optical Light

Stop the Layer 1 by clicking eye of this layer. Now import the Optical Light image in the middle of Photoshop. 

Now go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Set the radius 8.2 and then click OK.

In this finishing step, we will gather all layers into one layer. So, for this action, first of all we need to create a new layer all above the layers, which we created step by step. Now go to Image > Apply Image.
Okay, All layer applied into one layer. Now, please have a look on the Screenshot below. You can balance color and light. So, for this action, you can go to Filter > Camera Raw Filter.

At last, go to Filter > Imagenomic > Noiseware and increase the Luminace as your wish. I hope this effect will oil paint your image and also remove noise from your image.

Please keep it in mind that, Imagenomic Noiseware filter is not a Photoshop difficult program. You can buy this and use it in your Photoshop.
I trust, you have understood all effortlessly. In the event that bring on any issue to comprehend, don't falter to comment underneath. Promise! We will come another day with another diverse and imaginative instructional exercise. Until then, be well.


  1. Wow! Excellent writing and working proficiency. Thanks for showing us that a great way. All the process were almost easy but the Refine Edge part was a little bit complex to remove background from image. Thanks. I have learned more important things by reading this.

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  3. I Understand All The WorkFlow But Sometimes It's Very Hard To Redefine Edge Around Hair of The Head,
    So i would Like To Understand That In Very Detail,If the Hair Is Very Complex Than It's Very Much Hard To Do Selection and Rendering.

  4. Thanks for sharing us that a great way thanks

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