How To Design eBook Cover - Photoshop Tutorial

Design eBook Cover
Hello Friends, welcome back in Apple Graphic Studio. Today we will design an eBook Cover. It's a very easy task to do in Photoshop and Illustrator by following some instruction. Here is five special tips to design Awesome eBook Cover.

1. Always select a Descriptive Image 
2. Stick to Easy-To-Read Typography 
3. Must Provide Every Element Space
4. Utilize a Standard Shape 
5. Build up a Brand Style

This eBook Cover's total size is 1500 pixel (width) x 2400 pixel (height). And the Edge size is 354 pixel (width) x 2400 pixel (height). Watch the video below to make a great eBook Cover.

Stock Images Download
Beautiful Space Walpaper

Font Used Bringshoot, Akrobat

EBook Cover Mockup Download Link


  1. How to do that last part where you did the preview of the book


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