How To Design eBook Cover - Photoshop Tutorial

Design eBook Cover
Hello Friends, welcome back in Apple Graphic Studio. Today we will design an eBook Cover. It's a very easy task to do in Photoshop and Illustrator by following some instruction. Here is five special tips to design Awesome eBook Cover.

1. Always select a Descriptive Image 
2. Stick to Easy-To-Read Typography 
3. Must Provide Every Element Space
4. Utilize a Standard Shape 
5. Build up a Brand Style

This eBook Cover's total size is 1500 pixel (width) x 2400 pixel (height). And the Edge size is 354 pixel (width) x 2400 pixel (height). Watch the video below to make a great eBook Cover.

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Beautiful Space Walpaper


  1. How to do that last part where you did the preview of the book


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