How to make Restaurant Instagram Marketing Banners Design

How to Design a Fashion logo for Clothing Brands?

Introducing a professional photoshop tutorial on restaurant Instagram marketing banners to promote your business on social networks, blogs, or websites. This tutorial includes modern Photoshop designs with creative and unique layouts for learning to design Instagram banners very easily.

First of all, create a New Document in 1080 x 1080 pixels at 96 DPI/Resolution. That's the optimal size for an Instagram post. However, if your image is larger, that will work as well!

If you don't have experience with Adobe Photoshop and looking for a graphic designer, you can order your Banner here.

Important Information

  • Banner Size: 1080 px x 1080 px
  • Resolution: 96 DPI
  • Software: Adobe Photoshop
  • Mockup: Adobe Photoshop
Font used - RobotoGreat Vibes

Here is a free PSD Instagram Post/ Ads/ Banner mockup for you.

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