Bus Stop Billboard Advertisement Design - Photoshop CC Tutorial

Bus Stop Billboard
Hello Guys, welcome back! Today, In this tutorial, We will explain about how to design a Bus Stop Billboard Banner by using Photoshop.

Billboard is a large outdoor advertising structureA billboard place by a cooperative of artists along the approach road to Mogadishu International Airport. It is typically found in high-traffic areas such as alongside busy roads. Billboards show large ads to passing pedestrians and drivers.

We will do the trail size of a Billboard. Get the width 1147 px and Height 1690 px. But actual size of a Billboard is too long.

Stock Images Download
  1. Transparent Mouse.png
  2. Metal Pattern.jpg
  3. Metal Texture.jpg
  4. Optical Light.jpg
  5. Spark of Light.jpg
  6. Sun Light Effect.jpg

Font Used - Akrobat, Bebas Nune

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