Facebook Ads Design - Photoshop Tutorial

Hello Friends, Today I'm going to show you how to design a Facebook Ads Campaign Banner in Photoshop. It is difficult to know how exactly you want to get started when it comes to Facebook Ad design. There's such a great amount to think and it’s no surprise that brands and marketers alike feel stumped when it’s time to head to the drawing board. Before the Tutorial, We are sharing some special tips to run the highest-performing Facebook Ads campaigns.

Ten Tips To Make Your Facebook Ads Awesome
  • Continuously Test Multiple Designs 
  • Include Social Proofs 
  • Use Call-to-Actions 
  • Pick pictures that stands out
  • Pick the Right Placement 
  • Include Faces in Images 
  • Think about the Psychology of Color 
  • Use Location-Specific Imagery 
  • Utilize Customer Testimonials 
  • Try using Multiple Ad Formats

Tutorial Elements
Facebook Text Overly Tool

{getDownload} $text={Download All Our PSD Templates} $size={Completely Free Download}

Font Used - Akrobat.

Click Here to Download Facebook Ads Mockup PSD

Sizes & Other
We will make the first banner 1073x563 pixel and the second one is 562x562 pixel. We have shared Facebook text overly tool. After design the ads, upload there and check the image text okay or not. Here is the Photoshop video tutorial below. By following this video, you will learn out how to design it very easily.

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