Cinematic Poster Design | Version 2 | Photoshop Tutorial

Cinematic Poster Design
Hello everyone, Today we will design a Cinematic Poster template in Adobe Photoshop. From this tutorial, you will learn to make Creative Poster, Creative Poster Design, Poster Design, Posters, Poster Design Photoshop, Photoshop Poster Design, Making Poster Photoshop, Creative Poster Photoshop etc.

We will do the following size of making this creative Poster Design, 24 inch width and 36 inch height. Stay watching the video below and wait for next day's tutorial.

Font - Bangla Fonts

getDownload} $text={Download All Our PSD Templates} $size={Completely Free Download}

Tool Used - Photoshop, Google Nik Collection (Color FX Pro), Imagenomic Noicewere Plugin


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