How to Design Event Ticket Template - Photoshop Tutorial

Event Ticket Template
Hi friends, Here is an another awesome Photoshop print design tutorial for you. In this task, we will design an Event Ticket by using Photoshop. It is a high cost paying task to design an Event Ticket. If you learn making eye catching event tickets, you will earn much from a ticket.

You need to design the ticket in CMYK mood for print. It's a trail project. So, I have done by RGB mood. Ticket size is 1800px (width) x 600px (height). Here is the video tutorial below. Watch and enjoy. If need to ask anything else, comment below.

Tutorial Elements
Night Club Party Images
Dancing Girl Images
Font Used - Arial, Arkbot


  1. Ah love the video! Thanks for that! I appreciate the links to the resources to make these event tickets. You rock!


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