Concert Flyer Design Tutorial in Photoshop | Party Flyers

Concert Flyer
Hi friends, Today we will design a Concert Flyer by using Photoshop. It looks like similar with Party Flyer. For this task, you need Photoshop CC or latest version of Photoshop.

This A4 Flyer 2480 pixel width and 3508 pixel long. Use the color mood in RGB. I have shared all fonts and stock images here. Download them and keep watching the video below. This special video is only. to you guys.

Tutorial Elements
Performing Girl Stock
Concert Fans
Optical Light 1
Optical Light 2
3D Shape Image

Font Used - Bebas Neue, Sanctuary Playground


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  2. Hello there companions, Today we will plan a Concert Flyer by utilizing Photoshop. It would appear that comparative with Party Flyer. For this assignment, you require Photoshop CC or most recent rendition of Photoshop.EDDM PRINTING


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