How To Design a Cool T-shirt Graphic - Photoshop Tutorial

T-shirt Graphic
Hello, Today I am going to show you about a new Graphic Design tutorial, how to create a T-shirt by using Photoshop only.

T-shirt designing is a simple, sweet and fascinating profession. Each expert T-shirt designer has a batter salary and someone learn to design T-shirt's and they work in online for gaining enormous sum. A major online stage is sitting tight for you, if you are a T-Shirt designer. It's a hitter approach to win cash in indoor. Upwork, Freelancer, People Per Hour, Teespring and 100+ online marketplace will give you opportunity to procure dollar. It is obviously an imperative subject.  So, let us know, how to design a professional and beautiful looking T-Shirt.

[Note: I have done this work by utilizing Adobe Photoshop CC. It might be work on Adobe Photoshop cs 6, cs 7, CC 2014, CC 2015 and CC 2017.]

As usual, open Photoshop in your Computer. Now go to File > New to create a new page. Then set the Height - 1300 pixel and Width - 1000 pixel, Resolution - 300 and Color Mood CMYK, then hit OK. After that, you will find this type window (See screenshot below). Now create a new Layer from Layer Panel.

Select Black color by using color picker and go to Edit > Fill > Foreground Color.

Again select green color from Color Picker. Or paste 03e127 in the color box. See Screenshot below.

Now select Brush Tool from left bar of Photoshop. And click right button of your mouse. You will find some different brushes. Choose a Splash brush like the Screenshot below. 

After selecting brush, hit on the middle of Black shape. Again hit and hit. Look the Screenshot below.

Select the Text Tool from left bar of Photoshop. Then add your desired text under and above the Green shape.

After adding texts, go to layer panel and Press Ctrl and select all layers without Background and Layer 1. If you feel problem to understand, please follow the Screenshot underneath.

After Mark those layers, click Right button and select "Marge Layers" to Marge all Layers together.

Now import a Cat or Lion's or Tiger's image here. Please keep it in mind that, you must need to keep this layer above all layers. Press Ctrl+T to Transform this layer. I mean, big or small to adjust.

Now change the blending mood Normal to Overly. You'll find this above Layer Panel of  Photoshop.

Click right button of this layer and select 'Create Clipping Mask'. If you feel problem to understand, please follow the Screenshot underneath.

We are now at the last step of design T-Shirt Graphic. Select Red color in Color Picker. And art a shape like the screenshot below. Create Clipping Mask it and set the blending mood to screen. If you feel problem to understand, please follow the Screenshot underneath.

All is well. Our T-Shirt is ready to Print. I hope you have understood this tutorial clearly. If you face any kind error to understand, just comment here.
To watch this tutorial's video, click here to see free How To Design a T-shirt Graphic - Photoshop Tutorial
I hope you'll wait for the next tutorial. Promise! We'll back again with an another creative tutorial of Photoshop or Illustrator. Until then, be well.

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