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Photoshop Manipulation
Hello guys, thank you for waiting patiently for our classes. Today we have come up with another astonishing Photoshop Manipulation tutorial only for you. By this tutorial, you will know how to manipulate an image, crop background, change image's background, color correction, add elements, text effects and more.  So stay watching.

Open your Photoshop and drug your targeted photo, which one you want to edit. It need to be high resolution. So that, It won't look blurry after zoom. It would batter to cut the background, if have a one color cloth screen behind the model.

First, select the Pen Tool and also select the model's hole body by using this. I have provided a screenshot below. Follow it's instruction symbols.
After selecting hole area, press Ctrl+Enter and click Mask icon from your layer panel.

After masking, your image will looking this type. (See screenshot below.)
Then go to File > New Page and set width 1280 pixel, height 768 pixel and resolution 300. Then click OK.

Press Ctrl+V to select Move Tool. Drag and move your image in this window from previous window by selecting Move Tool. You can directly copy the model's image by pressing CTRL+C and paste it here (In the new window) by pressing CTRL+V.

Now import a Flat Hill background here. Press Ctrl+T to transform and adjust it and hit conform button like the screenshot below. And then, you have to look the layer panel. You will find, Layer 2 (Flat Hill Background) in above of Layer 1 (Model). Hold and move Layer 2 by pressing left button of your mouse and drug under Layer 1. That means, the model's image will appear on first.

Right now, we will import a Sky feed picture here. Move this layer (Sky) under layer 1 and select Eraser tool. What's more, delete under side from the picture. (See screenshot beneath.)
Now go to Camera Raw Filter and adjust the color of Sky with background layer.

Now import a Lion's Stoke image in Photoshop and transform and adjust its position and size by pressing Ctrl+T from your keyboard.

How to make shade -
Just duplicate Lion's layer by pressing Ctrl+J from your keyboard. After duplicate, dabble click the duplicated layer (Layer 3 Copy). You'll find a option. that's name is Layer Style. In Layer Style, you will find a mini option, named 'Color Overly'. Click the checkbox of color overly. and pic black color from the box there. After doing it, hit OK.

Now Press Ctrl+T and select right button of your mouse. Then click distort. And transform your shade look like the screenshot above.

Now, We need to make the shade more realistic. So, go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and set the radios 3.0 and then click OK. See the result screenshot below.

Here you can see a dragon's image below. I have shared it already. Check above. We'll import it in our project and duplicate it here and there, where necessary. You will find this kinds images in Google. It is absolutely free. Press CTRL+C and CTRL+V to copy and paste this here and there.

At this part of our Photoshop Manipulation, we will add a light effect in the middle of all. Create a new layer from layer panel. And choose a orange and a white color by using Color Picker. And now select brush tool. Increase the brush size by pressing ']' key and decrease the brush size by pressing '[' key from your Keyboard. Then, first hit on middle, by selecting Orange color. Decrease the brush size. And again hit on middle by selecting White color, look like the screenshot below.
And set this layer's blend mode from normal to screen.
Okay, now hold the layer and move it above the sky layer.

After all, create a layer above all layers in Layer Panel.. Now go to Image > Apply Image to gather all layer into 1 layer. Now go to  Filter > Camera Raw Filter and adjust hole image color, Brightness, Highlight etc. 

At the last step, Go to Filter > Color FX Pro and set a effect as your wish. Then adjust and click OK.
We are done. Have a look the screenshot above.

Thanks for watching our tutorial, next time we are coming back with a new tutorial ASAP.

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